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Guangdong ebike factory lcd3

Shuangye  48V 8AH lithium battery


  Shuangye ebike aluminium case battery  
Size(mm)   210*58*146mm  
Available capacity   >95%  
Capacity   48v20Ah  
Material   Li-poly  
Cycle life(pack)   600 cycles 0.5C>60%  
Burst discharge current   10A-20A  
Charge voltage   54.6v±0.01v  
Cut-off voltage   41v±1v  
Lasting distance   48v20Ah 36v250w brushless motor 20" 40--50km  
Operating temperature   -20~55'C  
Charging time   About 7-8h  
Charge method   CC/CV

factory supply 48v8ah lipolymer ebike battery for electric bike  
Product Description
48V 20AH electric bike  battery
Box size: thickness 58mm * Width 146mm * Length 210m,
Strong power mxa current 30A
48v250W brushless motor mountain ebike Can ran about 80-90km
Product characteristic:
Nominal Capacity : 10AH/20ah  
Nominal Voltage : 48V   
Cut-off voltage :31V 
Max. continuous discharge current : 25A   
Burst discharge current :30A   
Volumetric Energy density : 720WH   
Weight (Approx.) : 6500g   
Cycle Life(pack) :600 Cycles >60%  0.5C 
Available capacity > 96%  (30V cut off)

Standard charge method CC/CV: 
Charger output:54.6V2A 
Charging the cell initially with constant current at 2A  
and then with constant voltage at 54.6V till charge current <200mA.   
Standard charge :2A*12hrs  
our advantages
1.Light weight,long life,large capacity and good resistance.
2.Good consistancy,low self-discharge. Lipolymer cells,perfect quality.
3.Strong over-discharge resistance and charge retention
4.Maintenance-free and no acid or water for maintenance in usage
5.Pollution-free,International Approvals
6.Factory price,high quality.
7.Prompt Delivery
8.Quality Approvals

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