578 Geely SUVs delivered from Geely Chengdu Plant to Middle East

12 Mar 2013
"Geely SUVs are being exported in batches to Middle Eastern countries." Recently this exciting news has been shared by the staff in Geely Chengdu Plant located in Economic & Technological Development Zone in Chengdu. Everybody there is in great joy. Trucks fully loaded with fresh vehicles are pulling out of the plant. These SUVs will be delivered to Middle Eastern countries such as Saudi Arabia, Iran and Kuwait after a 40-day journey by land, river and sea.

Geely Chengdu Company is one of the enterprises with a total asset of more than 10 billion yuan (about $1.608 billion) in Chengdu International Automobile City. The Geely GX7 is the first SUV in the line-up of Gleagle. Lasted 3 years, the design work was made by Geely R&D team and world-famous designer Fabrizio Giugiaro. Not only does it shed fashionable light in style unique to urban models, but it also presents masculinity and power normally peculiar to off-road vehicles. The GX7 is highly competitive among vehicles of the same class made by joint ventures due to its user-friendly configuration, flexible and efficient space design, preeminent safety performance and excellent maneuverability. It has won great favor since it hit the market in 2012 and its sales volume topped 35, 000 in the very year.

"This year, the SUVs made in our company have been prized in overseas markets, especially in Middle East, and it gives impetus to the increase in orders. And we have received 18 orders in January, 578 in February, and 400 in March. The 500 brand-new SUVs being loaded and transported at present are part of the order in February. They will be exported to Saudi Arabia," enthused Feng Xuhong, the deputy general manager of Chengdu Geely Company. "For the first step these vehicles will be shipped by land from Chengdu to Chongqing Port, and then they will be shipped to Saudi Arabia after arriving at Shanghai Port. The export of 500 vehicles has set a record in automobile exports for a single batch in Sichuan Province. The output value of SUV export this time exceeded 70 million yuan", he added.

Feng said, Geely Chengdu Company is planning to produce and market 90, 000 GX 7 models in 2013, and the annual production value is expected to reach 11 billion yuan. "We plan to export 12, 000 units, and 20, 000 is better. The export output value this year will top 2 billion yuan. The company will make great contribution in overseas markets to help forge Chengdu Economic & Technological Development Zone into an industrial park with an asset of one hundred billion yuan."